Lincoln Memorial at Night


This photograph is from my first evening ever photographing in Washington DC. It is from the edge of the reflecting pool just east of the Lincoln Memorial. It was a warm evening and many people were out enjoying the memorial even though it was past 11 PM. I took twelve images and averaged them together to reduce the amount of thermal noise generated in the CMOS sensor of the camera. The ghosts you see in the photograph are not real. They're artifacts of the averaging process due to people moving about.

Photographer: Rick Scott
Date: June 26, 2010
Camera: Canon EOS 40D digital camera
Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM set to 35mm
Exposure: 0.6 second at f/8 times 12 images
Camera Mode: ISO 800 RAW
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 for raw conversion and image processing

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Updated: 20 August 2010